Anthropology Undergraduate Advising

The following are common advising-related questions and responses.

How does advising work at UH Mānoa?

UHM undergraduate students typically meet with advisors in two areas: a Major advisor, who is located in the major department, and a College advisor, who is based in your college’s academic advising office.

Major advisors have expertise in the subject matter of the major. They know more details about course sequencing or future availability of some of the courses. They make decisions on exceptions to major requirements for your degree.

College advisors have a broad knowledge of academic advising as a whole. They provide guidance on completion of general education and graduation requirements. They also process and clear students for graduation. They make decisions on exceptions to college and university requirements for your degree.

Anthropology majors are within the College of Social Sciences (CSS). The CSS Academic Advising Office is located on the ground floor of Dean Hall (across from Hemenway Hall/Bale), Room 2.

As an anthropology major, who is my major and college advisor?

Mark Oxley serves as both the Major and College advisor for the Department of Anthropology and College of Social Sciences. Anthropology majors are encouraged to contact Mark for program and/or advising-related questions or concerns.

What can my advisor help me with?

The anthropology advisor can help with the following:

  • General advice on academic and career paths in anthropology
  • Declaring a major or minor in anthropology
  • Academic planning, including guidance on course selection
  • Fulfill mandatory advising requirements for major and college (CSS Academic Advising)
  • Student progress review to ensure general education and program requirements are being met
  • Course Program of Study (CPoS) compliance
  • Certifications (e.g. VA Enrollment, ROTC 104R, Concurrent Enrollments)
  • Questions about transferring credits, course equivalencies, course overrides, course ADD/DROP, credit overloads, time conflicts, petitions, and Leave of Absence (LOA) requests.
  • Academic warnings 
  • Filing for graduation

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

Virtual (Zoom), in-person, and over-the-phone meetings with Mark Oxley are available by appointment only.

What is mandatory advising?

Students within the CSS are required to meet with their academic advisor each semester during their freshman and sophomore years (a total of 4 mandatory advising sessions). Anthropology majors will meet with Mark Oxley to fulfill their mandatory advising requirement. Students with unfulfilled mandatory advising requirements will be contacted by email (through STAR Balance) to facilitate the meeting. Failure to schedule and attend mandatory advising before the established deadline (typically a week before the following semester’s course registration begins) will result in an ‘academic advising hold’ which prevents registration. Academic advising holds can only be removed once the mandatory advising requirement is fulfilled.

Mark Oxley, Staff, Department of Anthropology, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Questions? Current and prospective students should contact:

Mark Oxley
Undergraduate Advisor

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