MA in Applied Archaeology in the Pacific and Asia

Designed to train the next generation of professional, non-academic archaeologists and others who seek to be effective advocates for the study and preservation of historic sites in Hawaiʻi, Oceania, and Asia. Our program is unique in its geographic and cultural focus.

Archaeological employment opportunities are increasing in Hawaiʻi. Many private firms and governmental agencies employ MA-level archaeologists to conduct cultural resource management (CRM) investigations, manage historic preservation projects and archaeological collections, and/or engage in community outreach and public education. Professional archaeology now surpasses the demand for academic archaeologists.

The curriculum requirements are effective for students who enter the program in Fall 2019.

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James Bayman, Faculty, Department of Anthropology, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

James Bayman

Program Coordinator, Faculty

Note: This is a terminal degree. Successful graduates must re-apply to the graduate program if they desire to seek admission to the PhD program.