Opportunities for Practical Experience

The Department of Anthropology promotes participatory forms of study and research.

Independent Study - ANTH 399

Anthropology students are highly encouraged to complete a supervised project through ANTH 399: Directed Reading or Research (V). ANTH 399 requires consultation, approval, and oversight from an anthropology faculty member.

  • It is the student's responsibility to secure a supervising faculty member.
  • Planning for an ANTH 399 typically takes 1 to 2 months.
  • The number of credits to be earned depends on the academic plan and number of project hours required.
  • Students may take up to 9 total credits of ANTH 399; A maximum of 6 credits may be taken in one semester.
  • Upon agreement a program of study, the supervising faculty will provide the CRN# required for registration.
  • There is no possibility to take an Incomplete for ANTH 399.
  • Upon completion of the ANTH 399, the agreed upon evaluation materials (ex. essay on the experience) and verification of hours fulfilled must be submitted to the supervising faculty member.

Internships for Credit - ANTH 379

Anthropology students are highly encouraged to complete an internship through ANTH 379: Archaeology Practicum. Students will gain practical archaeological experience (e.g., materials processing, analysis, documentation, and conservation) under the direction of practicing archaeological professionals in the local community and in collaboration with supervising archaeological faculty. Internship sites have included the Bishop Museum, local Cultural Resource Management firms, and the UHM Anthropology Lab.

  • The number of available positions available will vary by project.
  • Priority is given to advanced students who have successfully completed upper division courses including ANTH 380: Archaeological Lab Techniques, ANTH 381: Archaeological Field Techniques, and ANTH 382: How Archaeology Works.
  • While ANTH 379 is variable credit, particular projects may require students to register for a specific number of credits.
  • ANTH 379 is repeatable two times, up to 6 credits.
  • Participants must be ANTH majors or minors of sophomore standing or higher.
  • Prerequisite: 210 or consent of instructor.
  • Grading: A-F only.

Time Commitment

ANTH 379 requires students to work 40 hours per credit during the semester registered. For example, students who register for 3 credits are required to complete 120 hours of work by the end of the semester (approximately 8 hours per week). Incomplete hours may result in a failing grade. ANTH 379 students will establish a set schedule in consultation with their supervisor prior to beginning the internship.

Announcements for internship opportunities for credit are made available through the undergraduate listerv.

Other University Internship and Study Opportunities

Non-UH Internship Opportunities