Undergraduate Mentoring Program

This program brings together graduate and undergraduate students through mentoring. Mutually beneficial, graduate students gain teaching experience and the opportunity to guide budding anthropologists to future involvement with the discipline, while undergraduates gain insights into the discipline of anthropology as well as graduate student life.

In general, graduate mentors and undergraduate mentees meet once a week. Mentoring activities may include:

  • Assistance and guidance with coursework.
  • Assistance and guidance with honor’s theses.
  • Discussions of how to apply to graduate school.
  • Discussions of graduate student research.
  • Guided attendance of events such as departmental colloquia.
  • Guided attendance of dissertation defenses.

At the end of each semester, mentors and mentees are required to submit a one-page assessment of their experiences.

Next Steps

An invitation for anthropology majors and minors interested in participating in the Undergraduate Mentoring Program takes place at the beginning of every semester via the undergraduate listerv.