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Spring 2021 was a tough semester for us here at UH and pretty much everywhere else. However, we still accomplished a lot! Read our SPRING NEWSLETTER to learn more about the department's students, staff, faculty, and all the latest goings-on with us!

Celebrating #Juneteenth with They Followed the Tradewinds; for more information about race and diaspora in the Social Process in Hawai'i series from @uhmanoa Department of Sociology, go to our website:

It's official -- congratulations to UHM anthro prof Eirik Saethre for his promotion to full and to Seth Quintus for his TENURE and promotion to associate! 🎉🍾🥂🙌

Congratulations to UHM prof Christian Peterson and his collaborators for their new #openaccess article in @PLOSONE, "Local economies and household spacing in early chiefdom communities"!

the journal Biography has a new #openaccess issue on Mauna Kea and the #protectmaunakea movement:

Happy #Pride Month! UH promotes a safe and inclusive environment by creating a culture of equality, acceptance, and respect throughout the #UHohana System.

Gratz to UHM alumnus Hirofumi Katsuno and Donald White for their new article in Cultural Anthropology! @culanth

In 1947, a young woman demo’ed the ⁦@IBM⁩ Electric Chinese Typewriter.

70 years later, I finally found her, and learned her story.

It’s amazing.

via ⁦@FastCompany⁩

cc ⁦@IEEEhistory⁩ ⁦@ComputerHistory⁩ ⁦@nancyngo⁩

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Meet the mystery woman who mastered IBM’s 5,400-character Chinese typewriter

Lois Lew operated the improbable, ill-fated machine with aplomb in presentations from Manhattan to Shanghai. 70-plus y...

Hoʻomaikaʻi e nā haumāna o Ke Kula Kauhale Pilikanaka! You did it Class of 2021! #huiainapilipili @CSS_UHManoa @ManoaAnthro @UHM_ECON @uhm_es @uhmcom @geog_uhm @uhmpolisci @UHMPsy @UHM_Sociology @on_ws_studies @SparkMMatsunaga @uhmanoa @ManoaGrad @on_puba @UH_DURP

Heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Zakea Boeger, an exceptional scholar graduating during extraordinary times

#MedAnthroHI @ManoaAnthro

(photo of Zakea, in regalia and momentarily unmasked, receiving her diploma through a hole in a plastic partition from her PhD advisor)

Congratulation to UHM Geography professor (AND UHM Anthro alumn!) Mary Mostafanezhad on winning the 2021 Regent's Medal for Excellence in Teaching! We're a little late in congratulating Mary over here in anthro but what can I say, it's finals week!

This week marks the beginning of the lāhainā noon phenomena in Hawaiʻi! This is when the Sun is directly overhead and straight, upright objects, like poles and people, will cast no shadow! (1/3)

#BishopMuseum #HawaiisMuseum

A new article by Māori anthropologists (and non-anthropologists!) examines the role of Māori kūpuna in the time of COVID-19. Best of all -- it's #openaccess.: "Hongi, Harirū and Hau: Kaumātua in the time of COVID-19"

You'e heard his name, now see his face! UHM Anthro alum Jeremy Spoon's keynote from the 2021 SPAS conference is now streamable!

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