News from the Department of Anthropology

Perennial bomb-thrower Andrew Lattas takes aim at the long-standing stereotype that the Baining have 'the most boring' culture in the world in this #openaccess offering from @OceaniaJournal

Here at Mānoa we have 'de-densified', so this #openaccess book from @ProjectMUSE and @JHUPress interests us and maybe you as well. Pity it's only viewable online -- any change of an ePub or PDF?

Here's a good long read on the Marshallese community in Arkansas and their response to #COVID19 Also including a gofundme link if you're inclined to help. h/t Elise Berman . #micronesia

Mānoa Anthropology prof (and @uhcseas director) Miriam Stark is featured in this discussion of what the collapse of Angkor Was can teach us about #climatechange.

Gratz to faculty member Seth Quintus for his new article in @in_oceania on fishhooks in Manu‘a #samoa ! #archaeology #fishhooks

Our anthropology department is co-sponsoring this talk by @nsharma101 -- check it out later on this week.

Bravo to @CivilBeat for this great story. The Nakachi's kuleana is a great example of blending cultural knowledge and imported science, and the interactive and multimedia design of the piece is also awesome.

Congratulations to the Centre for #Samoa n Studies on the latest number of the Journal of Samoan Studies! It's great to see this #openaccess project with articles in English and Samoan.

Like so many people, we spent the weekend remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So lucky that she visited Mānoa over the years to share her #RBGWisdom .

Congratulations to our colleague -- and alumn! -- Mary Mostafanezed on her new article!

Anthropologists of mining think of Myanmar as a long-time producer of jade and rubies. These days, however, it's amber and (fossilised) sperm.

Next Wednesday is going to be big. First, "The Case for Letting Anthropology Burn? Race, Racism, and Its Reckoning in American Anthropology" sponsored by the UCLA Department of Anthropology Race, Racism, Policing and State Violence Committee

Stanford has a storied Asian Studies list... and their anthropology books are pretty good too! Looks like a good chance to stock up.

Congrats to our department Chair Chris Bae (aka @paleobae) whose research is featured on the cover of World Prehistory (aka @WorldPrehistory ). It surprising how beautiful Bronze Age bone needles can be!

Amazing work from our colleagues at UH Hilo! Dance is such an important discipline, and it is great to see it being taught at Hilo and Mānoa as well 🙂

Interesting article from @conversationau shows enthusiasm for K-Pop provides a model for making te reo Māori cool. Best part: You can read the article in English or Māori! or

There's still time to register for this awesome Mānoa-Anthro-Entangled conference on engaged scholarship in Asia-Pacific!

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