Bachelor of Arts (BA) Requirements

Please contact our Undergraduate Advisor for any questions regarding the following requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes/Objectives (SLOs) and Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs)

  1. Learn to think anthropologically, specifically to include cross-cultural perspectives, especially in regard to issues of diversity and commonality in understanding human societies.
  2. Gain a basic understanding of the origin and development of humanity.
  3. Develop the ability to think critically about cultural assumptions and use active learning modes in assessing their effects on social processes.
  4. Acquire a holistic understanding of how biological evolution and cultural histories interact.
  5. Understand how populations adapt to social and environmental change, especially in terms of human empowerment.
  6. Become culturally literate with regard to the physical and cultural dimensions of the Pacific and Asian regions, including historical movements and connections among diverse populations.
  7. Learn various methods employed by anthropologists from a variety of sub-disciplines and specializations.

BA Rubric