Anthropology Associated Faculty

The following lists are current as of Summer 2021.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jonathan D. Baker (Lecturer) - Medical and nutritional anthropology, anthropology of food, ethnopharmacology, science and technology studies; Oceania
  • Nancy Cooper (Lecturer) - Socio-cultural anthropology, performance, gender, expressive culture, ritual and religion; Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java, Singapore
  • Lisa X. Gollin (Pacific International Center for High Technology Research, Cultural Resources Management Principal Investigator; LX Gollin Research Hawaiʻi, LLC) - Medical anthropology, ethnopharmacology, ethnobotany and biology, natural-cultural resource program oversight and management (Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship); Indonesia and Hawaiʻi
  • Jennie JH Jin, (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command – Central Identification Lab (JPAC-CIL)) - Zooarchaeology, vertebrate taphonomy, human skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, paleoanthropology; China, Korea 
  • Jan Rensel, (Center for Pacific Islands Studies) - Socioeconomic history, housing change, migrant communities; Polynesia
  • Paul J. Ross, (APRN, ANP, MA, MSN,OCN, Hawai‘i Medical Center) - Quantitative methods, nutritional and medical anthropology, human ecology, medical systems, field methods in cultural anthropology; West Africa

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

  • A. Antonites, PhD – Archaeology, African Iron Age, African complex societies and their hinterlands, networks of exchange, craft production
  • A.R. Antonites, PhD – African archaeology, zooarchaeology, foodways, early complex societies, collections-based research, museum studies
  • J. S. Athens, PhD -evolutionary and agricultural ecology, origin of agriculture, development of complex societies, tropical paleoenvironmental (Ecuador, Oceania), archaeology of Ecuador, Micronesia, and Hawai‘i, CRM issues, management and administration
  • J. D. Baker, PhD - medical anthropology, Hawai‘i and Pacific diaspora, ethnobiology, ethnopharmacology, transformations of medicine use, nutritional anthropology, program evaluation
  • C. Berrey, PhD - archaeology, complex societies, social inequality, settlement demography, interaction studies, comparative and multiscalar analysis, quantitative and spatial analysis; Central America, South America, and Mesoamerica
  • J. E. Byrd, PhD - statistical approaches to forensic evidence; forensic anthropology
  • S. Collins, PhD - archaeology, human and faunal osteology, historic preservation compliance and practice; Hawai‘i and the Pacific
  • T. Dye, PhD - archaeology; Hawai‘i and the Pacific
  • J. Fox, PhD - land use, forest resources and management, GIS and spatial information technology; South Asia, Southeast Asia
  • K. Fox, PhD - Precision Medicine, Population Genetics, Next Generation Sequencing, Genome Engineering, Evolutionary Genetics, Computational Biology, Indigenous Futurism
  • P. Heng, PhD - archaeology, pre- and early modern Southeast Asia, Cambodia, political economy, interactions, organization changes, religious changes, settlement patterns, artifact distribution, history
  • R. Ikehara-Quebral, PhD - skeletal biology and morphometry, intentional cranial and dental modification, health and social status, biocultural adaptation, biodistance and forensic studies
  • L. Kealhofer, PhD - Southeast Asia and Near East; landscape approaches; paleobotany; land use and environmental change in complex societies; political economy
  • H.L. McMillen, PhD - Medical and environmental anthropology, biocultural approaches, Indigenous and local ecological knowledge systems, community-based natural resource management
  • A. E. Morrison, PhD - Pacific Island and South American Archaeology, computational modeling, geoarchaeology, remote sensing, geographical information systems, Bayesian chronological modeling, applied zooarchaeology, historic preservation practice, human behavioral ecology
  • J. A. Peterson, PhD - archaeology, historical ecology, landscapes, historical archaeology; Hawai‘i-Pacific, Philippines, American Southwest
  • G. Pigliasco, PhD - cultural and legal anthropology, visual anthropology, ritual and performance commodification and tourism; Oceania, Fiji
  • M. Sharma, PhD (Emeritus) - political economy, development, class formation and gender relations, radical feminist theory; India
  • G. Shelach-Lavi - archaeology, early agriculture, complex societies, household archaeology, settlement patterns, interregional interaction; China, Mongolia
  • J. A. Swift, PhD - environmental archaeology, Polynesia, zooarchaeology, biomolecular methods, anthropocene
  • C.K. Work, PhD - sociocultural anthropology, anthropology of religion, development, and the anthropocene, Southeast Asian state formation, political economies of subsistence animists, interdimensional communication systems and rituals in Southeast Asia and Austronesia, Climate Change politics

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

  • C. Beaule, PhD - Andean/Latin American archaeology, household organization, origins of complexity, Colonialism
  • D. Brown, PhD - physical anthropology, medical anthropology; Polynesia
  • W. Chapman, PhD - historic preservation, historical archaeology, history of anthropology
  • C. Clayton, PhD - cultural anthropology; sovereignty and colonialism; nationalisms and transnationalisms; history, memory and place-making; China and East Asia
  • M. Hamnett, PhD - applied policy research, economic development, research management; Oceania
  • S. Kikiloi, PhD - Hawaiian resource management, indigenous knowledge, traditional society, genealogies, cultural revitalization, and community empowerment
  • R. Labrador, PhD - cultural anthropology, identity, immigration political economy, globalization and diaspora; Hawai‘i/Pacific, Philippines, Filipina/American and Asia Pacific America
  • G. G. Maskarinec, PhD - anthropology of language (Nepalese oral texts), western biomedical clinical medicine, medical education and indigenous medical systems of S. Asia; religions (belief systems, ritual and performance)
  • A. Mawyer, PhD - language and culture, landscapes, spatial cognition, French Polynesia, French nuclear testing
  • P. Mills, PhD - archaeology, culture contact, lithic analysis, ethnohistory; Polynesia, North Pacific, North America
  • J. Y. Okamura, PhD - ethnicity and ethnic relations, Asian American studies; Philippines, Hawai‘i
  • Y. A. Park, PhD - media, social movements; refugee; South Korea; North Korea