Anthropology Associated Faculty

The following lists are current as of Summer 2021.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jonathan D. Baker (Lecturer) - Medical and nutritional anthropology, anthropology of food, ethnopharmacology, science and technology studies; Oceania
  • Nancy Cooper (Lecturer) - Socio-cultural anthropology, performance, gender, expressive culture, ritual and religion; Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java, Singapore
  • Lisa X. Gollin (Pacific International Center for High Technology Research, Cultural Resources Management Principal Investigator; LX Gollin Research Hawaiʻi, LLC) - Medical anthropology, ethnopharmacology, ethnobotany and biology, natural-cultural resource program oversight and management (Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship); Indonesia and Hawaiʻi
  • Jennie JH Jin, (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command – Central Identification Lab (JPAC-CIL)) - Zooarchaeology, vertebrate taphonomy, human skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, paleoanthropology; China, Korea 
  • Jan Rensel, (Center for Pacific Islands Studies) - Socioeconomic history, housing change, migrant communities; Polynesia
  • Paul J. Ross, (APRN, ANP, MA, MSN,OCN, Hawai‘i Medical Center) - Quantitative methods, nutritional and medical anthropology, human ecology, medical systems, field methods in cultural anthropology; West Africa

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

  • J. S. Athens, PhD -evolutionary and agricultural ecology, origin of agriculture, development of complex societies, tropical paleoenvironmental (Ecuador, Oceania), archaeology of Ecuador, Micronesia, and Hawai‘i, CRM issues, management and administration
  • J. D. Baker, PhD - medical anthropology, Hawai‘i and Pacific diaspora, ethnobiology, ethnopharmacology, transformations of medicine use, nutritional anthropology, program evaluation
  • C. Berrey, PhD - archaeology, complex societies, social inequality, settlement demography, interaction studies, comparative and multiscalar analysis, quantitative and spatial analysis; Central America, South America, and Mesoamerica
  • J. E. Byrd, PhD - statistical approaches to forensic evidence; forensic anthropology
  • S. Collins, PhD - archaeology, human and faunal osteology, historic preservation compliance and practice; Hawai‘i and the Pacific
  • T. Dye, PhD - archaeology; Hawai‘i and the Pacific
  • J. Fox, PhD - land use, forest resources and management, GIS and spatial information technology; South Asia, Southeast Asia
  • P. Heng, PhD - archaeology, pre- and early modern Southeast Asia, Cambodia, political economy, interactions, organization changes, religious changes, settlement patterns, artifact distribution, history
  • R. Ikehara-Quebral, PhD - skeletal biology and morphometry, intentional cranial and dental modification, health and social status, biocultural adaptation, biodistance and forensic studies
  • L. Kealhofer, PhD - Southeast Asia and Near East; landscape approaches; paleobotany; land use and environmental change in complex societies; political economy
  • A. E. Morrison, PhD - Pacific Island and South American Archaeology, computational modeling, geoarchaeology, remote sensing, geographical information systems, Bayesian chronological modeling, applied zooarchaeology, historic preservation practice, human behavioral ecology
  • J. A. Peterson, PhD - archaeology, historical ecology, landscapes, historical archaeology; Hawai‘i-Pacific, Philippines, American Southwest
  • G. Pigliasco, PhD - cultural and legal anthropology, visual anthropology, ritual and performance commodification and tourism; Oceania, Fiji
  • M. Sharma, PhD (Emeritus) - political economy, development, class formation and gender relations, radical feminist theory; India
  • J. A. Swift, PhD - environmental archaeology, Polynesia, zooarchaeology, biomolecular methods, anthropocene

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

  • C. Beaule, PhD - Andean/Latin American archaeology, household organization, origins of complexity, Colonialism
  • D. Brown, PhD - physical anthropology, medical anthropology; Polynesia
  • W. Chapman, PhD - historic preservation, historical archaeology, history of anthropology
  • C. Clayton, PhD - cultural anthropology; sovereignty and colonialism; nationalisms and transnationalisms; history, memory and place-making; China and East Asia
  • M. Hamnett, PhD - applied policy research, economic development, research management; Oceania
  • S. Kikiloi, PhD - Hawaiian resource management, indigenous knowledge, traditional society, genealogies, cultural revitalization, and community empowerment
  • R. Labrador, PhD - cultural anthropology, identity, immigration political economy, globalization and diaspora; Hawai‘i/Pacific, Philippines, Filipina/American and Asia Pacific America
  • G. G. Maskarinec, PhD - anthropology of language (Nepalese oral texts), western biomedical clinical medicine, medical education and indigenous medical systems of S. Asia; religions (belief systems, ritual and performance)
  • A. Mawyer, PhD - language and culture, landscapes, spatial cognition, French Polynesia, French nuclear testing
  • P. Mills, PhD - archaeology, culture contact, lithic analysis, ethnohistory; Polynesia, North Pacific, North America
  • J. Y. Okamura, PhD - ethnicity and ethnic relations, Asian American studies; Philippines, Hawai‘i
  • Y. A. Park, PhD - media, social movements; refugee; South Korea; North Korea