Minor in Anthropology

The minor in anthropology provides an option to gain a strong grounding in the discipline, without fulfilling the full range of requirements of the major. Students majoring in many fields may find that a minor in anthropology will both complement and enhance understanding in their major. Students are permitted to take any of our upper-division courses to fulfill the minor requirements, offering great flexibility to choose courses that fit your academic interests.

Students pursuing a minor in anthropology must complete 15 credits of upper-division (300+) anthropology courses. Coursework must include:

Courses must be completed with a grade of C (not C-) or better and cannot be used to fulfill any additional major, minor, certificate, or *HSL culture sub requirements.

* This applies to students whose primary major is within the College of Social Sciences (CSS); if your primary major is not within CSS, please consult with your major or college advisor as some UH colleges do allow double-dipping of HSL culture courses.

Next steps

Interested in learning more and/or ready to declare a minor in anthropology? Please schedule a meeting with the anthropology undergraduate advisor.