Honors Track in Anthropology

The Honors Track in Anthropology is an exciting program offered through a joint agreement between the Department of Anthropology and UH Mānoa Honors Program. Designed to provide talented and highly motivated students with exceptional opportunities to excel in their study of one or more anthropology subfields, students enrolled in the honors track will benefit from:

  • A focused and structured coursework path through their anthropology major.
  • The opportunity to take graduate-level courses and conduct original research.
  • The opportunity to participate in service learning projects.
  • Enhanced guidance from faculty members.

Next Steps

Students wishing to pursue the Honors Track in Anthropology must:

  • Apply to and be accepted into the UH Mānoa Honors Program.
  • Declare Anthropology as their major.
  • Complete all Honors Program requirements.
  • Complete all Anthropology major requirements.

For further information, please contact the Honors Program or the Anthropology Undergraduate Chair.

Honors Track Coursework

Anthropology majors will benefit from the integrated nature of the program. Some Anthropology courses will substitute for required courses in the Honors Program, enabling participants to graduate with honors without lengthening the time to completion of their degree.

Group 1 - Orientations

  • ANTH 151: Emerging Humanity, or
  • ANTH 152: Culture and Humanity

Group 2 - Contemporary Problems (choose one)

  • HON 301: Public Policy Making
  • HON 303: Civic Engagement
  • HON 380: Peer Mentoring
  • ANTH 300: Study of Contemporary Problems
  • ANTH 325: Origins of Cities
  • ANTH 375: Race and Human Variation
  • ANTH 415: Ecological Anthropology
  • ANTH 422: Anthropology of Religion
  • ANTH 467: Biomedicine and Culture
  • ANTH 481: Applied Anthropology

Group 3 - Core Seminar

  • HON 491: Junior Seminar, or one of the following
  • ANTH 601: Ethnology
  • ANTH 602: Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANTH 603: Archaeology
  • ANTH 604: Physical Anthropology

Group 4 - Research Design

  • HON 495: Introduction to Research, or
  • ANTH 711: Seminar in Research Design and Proposal Writing

Group 5 - Research Methods

  • HON 496: Senior Honors Project (6 credits), and one of the following
  • ANTH 370: Ethnographic Field Techniques
  • ANTH 381: Archaeological Field Techniques
  • ANTH 466: Quantitative Archaeology
  • ANTH 710: Seminar in Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology