Michael Pietrusewsky, Emeritus Faculty, Department of Anthropology

Michael Pietrusewsky

Professor Emeritus
Email: mikep@hawaii.edu

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My areas of expertise include physical/biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, skeletal/dental anthropology, forensic anthropology, and biodistance studies. My research examines the health, life style, and biological relationships of pre-contact peoples of Southeast & East Asia and the Pacific. Notably, my research includes studies of the early Bronze Age skeletons from the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Ban Chiang in Northeast Thailand, Lapita skeletons from the Pacific, early Neolithic skeletons from Taiwan, as well as pre-contact skeletons from the Mariana Islands and Polynesia. I also maintain one of the largest databases of craniometric data from all parts of the Pacific, Southeast Asia, and East Asia ever assembled. My most recent research also includes ancient DNA studies.