2021 Fall Colloquium Series

The Department of Anthropology will be offering the following colloquia this semester. Each colloquium will be held Thursdays at 3:00 pm remotely via Zoom unless otherwise noted.

Huli Kanaka: Radically Reformulating Race, Place, and Anthropology

 In January 2021, our department issued a “Position Statement on Race and Racism” that called for “an honest and open rethinking about the ways that race and racism continue to shape our institutions of public life, including the university.” In doing so, we committed to developing a Fall semester colloquium series dedicated to addressing “Race and Racism at Home.” Following from our stated “kuleana to confront abiding structures of racism and other systems of oppression,” we now aim to explore what the concept of “huli kanaka” (the Hawaiian translation of anthropology as “study of people”) may offer us as a form of anti-racist and anti-oppressive anthropology. The term huli has alternative meanings beyond “study” that include turn, change, search, explore, and the top of the kalo used for replanting. With these thoughts and more in mind, we feature three roundtables of faculty, students, and friends from both within and outside of our department who will help us in our work to overturn racist and colonial forms in our field as we plant more generative ideas and practices for a decolonial anthropology here at Mānoa.

Overturning Anthropological Racism in Hawai’i: Lessons from the Bishop Museum’s (Re)generations special exhibit

Searching for Kuleana: Responsibility and Transformation within the University

  • Date: October 7
  • Participants: TBA

Replanting Knowledge: The Politics and Praxis of Teaching and Studying Anthropology at Mānoa

  • Date: November 4
  • Participants: TBA

For further information please contact Anthropology at anthprog@hawaii.edu.