Anthropology PhD Recipients (since 1967)

2020Young, Nanise J.World Heritage and National Development in Fiji: Levuka as a World Heritage SiteTenganCultural
2020Wu, Ming-JenSago and Kago: The History and Memory of Hiri on the Southeast Coast of Papua New GuineaGolubCultural
2020Luthy, Tamara H.Sacred Groves and Local Goddesses: Nature Romanticism, Ecomaternalism, and Environmental Discourse in Vrindavan, IndiaSponselCultural
2020Daigle, Michelle D.Modern Ambivalences: The Minimata Disease Disaster, Haptics, and the Social Movement in JapanYanoCultural
2020Campos, Ruben E.Word to Desmadre: Hip Hop, Voice, and the Rhythm of Chaos in MexicoYanoCultural
2020van Ommen, Mattias R.Intimate Fantasies: An Ethnography of Online Video Gamers in Contemporary JapanYanoCultural
2018Nago, AsamiCare on the Verge: Global Health Interventions for Malaria and Biological Citizenship among Undocumented Karen Migrants in the Thai-Burma BorderlandSaethreMedical
2017Yen, Ling-DaMaritime Trade and Deerskin in Iron Age Central Taiwan: A Zooarchaeological PerspectiveRolettArchaeology
2017Galipeau, Brendan A.Terroir in Tibet: Wine Production, Identity, and Landscape Change in Shangri-La, ChinaPadweCultural
2017Hasegawa, YukaPuissance and the Art of Worlding: Arts NPO and the Civic Coproduction of Yokohama City, JapanYanoCultural
2016Stephen, Jesse W.Making Sense of Monumentality: A Multisensory Archaeological Approach to Hawaiian Ritual ArchitectureBaymanArchaeology
2016Page, RichardThe Dao of Space Piracy: Ethics and Chinese Modernity in EVE OnlineYanoCultural
2016Izumi, HiroakiDiscovering Culture in a Japanese Rehabilitation Hospital: Structures of Meaning in Medical Team TalkBilmesCultural
2016Fifita, Patricia A.Siu I Moana: Navigating Female Cancer Experience in the Kingdom of TongaTenganCultural
2016Hoerman, Rachel B.Utilizing Rock Art to Trace Human Migration: Case Studies from Sarawak, Malaysian BorneoStarkArchaeology
2015Lauer, AdamBiological Relationships Across the Taiwan Strait: Evidence From Skulls and TeethPietrusewskyPhysical Anthropology
2015Chen, Shih-LunSocializing Chineseness: Cambodia's Ethnic Chinese Communities as a MethodBlakeCultural
2015Cauchois, HinanuiSubsistence systems and defensive strategies in Pre-Contact Mo'orea and the Society Islands, French PolynesiaHuntArchaeology
2014Mintmier, Melanie AnnThe Haleakala Adze Economy: Landscape, Political Economy, and Power in Ancient MauiBayman
2013Runestad, Pamela LynnHealth and Precarity: Living with HIV in JapanSaethreMedical
2013Vaughan, Ashley MarieThe Gift and the Road: Exploring the Meanings of Health and Illness in Tautu, VanuatuWhiteCultural
2013Bundhuwong, ChalitaEconomic Life of Malay Muslims in Southernmost Thailand Amidst Ecological Changes and Unrest.SponselCultural
2012Morrison, AlexanderAn Archaeological Analysis of Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) Settlement StructureHuntArchaeology
2012Cunningham, EricThe Unseen Forest: Spectacles of Nature and Governance in a Japanese National ForestYanoCultural
2012Kikiloi, ScottKukulu Manamana: Ritual Power and Religious Expansion in Hawaii. The Ethnohistoric and Archaeological Study of Mokumanamana and Nihoa IslandsGravesArchaeology
2012Lee, Hyeon JuMay I Call You North Korean? Negotiating Differences and Imagining the Nation in South KoreaWhiteCultural
2012Yamada, NaomiEducation as Tautology: Disparities, Preferential Policy Measures, and Preparatory Programs in Northwest ChinaArnoCultural
2012Chen, Chien-YuanFamiliar Strangers Afoot in Taiwan: The Competing Social Imaginaries of East Asian TouristsYanoCultural
2011Conran, MaryConverging Interests?: Exploring the Cultural Politics of Sentimentality in Volunteer Tourism in Northern ThailandWhiteCultural
2011Vu, Tu Anh ThiDao Mau Religious Practices: The Soft Power and Everyday Lives of Women in Contemporary VietnamBlakeCultural
2011Yamada, ToruTranslating Power: The Fuzzy Path of Law from International Convention to Local Politics in JapanArnoCultural
2011Young, ForrestUnwriting "Easter Island": Listening to Rapa NuiArnoDiscursive Practices
2010Christensen, Paul AnthonyThe Fragility of Sobriety: Alcoholism and Masculinity in JapanYanoCultural
2010Fukutomi, SatomiConnoisseurship of B-Grade Culture: Consuming Japanese National Food RamenYanoCultural
2010Ikehara, Rona MichiAn Assessment of Health in Early Historic (200 B.C. to A.D. 200) Inhabitants of Vat Komnou, Angkor Borei, Southern Cambodia: A Bioarchaeological PerspectivePietrusewskyBio-archaeology/Physical
2010Acabado, Stephen BercasioThe Archaeology of the Ifugao Agricultural Terraces: Antiquity and Social OrganizationStarkArchaeology
2010Finney, Suzanne ScottToward an Understanding of Nineteenth-Century Whaling Practices: A Risk Sensitivity Model for Whaling Agents and MastersGravesArchaeology
2010Katsuno, HirofumiMaterializing Dreams: Humanity, Masculinity, and the Nation in Contemporary Japanese Robot CultureYanoCultural
2010Bodemer, MargaretMuseums, Ethnology and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary VietnamWhiteCultural
2009Humphrey, LisaLand, Memory and the State: "Official" and Other Histories in Waya Island, FijiWhiteCultural
2009Kim, Yoon YoungMaking National Subjects: Education and Adaptation Among North Korean Immigrants in South KoreaWhiteCultural
2009Ru, Hung YuInvisible People and a Silent Killer Disease: A Historical Ethnographic Study of Liver Disease Among the Truku in Easter TaiwanWhiteCultural
2008Sipos, Jessica BuschThe Way of Choju: Self Sufficiency, Health, and Longevity in Ashikita Town, An Agrarian Community in Southern JapanEtkinCultural
2008Dudgeon, John VedeThe Genetic Architecture of the late Prehistoric and Protohistoric RapanuiHuntArchaeology
2008Genz, Joseph HowardMarshallese Navigation and Voyaging: Relearning and Reviving Indigenous Knowledge of the OceanFinneyCultural
2008Maret, Jeffrey DanielAn Ethnography of Invisibility: Education and Special Needs Children in JapanYanoCultural
2008McMillen, Heather LynnConserving the Roots of Trade: Local Ecological Knowledge of Ethnomedicines from Tanga, Tanzania MarketsEtkinCultural
2008Spoon, Jeremy DanielTourism in a Sacred Landscape: Political Economy and Sherpa Ecological Knowledge in Beyul Khumbu/Sagarmatha National Park, NepalEtkinCultural
2007Ledward, Brandon ClintInseparably Hapa: Making and Unmaking a Hawaiian MonolithYanoCultural
2007McElroy, Windy KealaThe Development of Irrigated Agriculture in Wailau Valley, Molokai Island, Hawai'iGravesArchaeology
2007Pigliasco, Guido CarloThe Custodians of the Gift: Intangible Cultural Property and Commodification of the Fijian Firewalking CeremonyArnoCultural
2007West, Eric WayneAn Archaeological Investigation of Pig Husbandry on Tahuata Island, Marquesas, French PolynesiaRolettArchaeology
2006King, ChristopherPaleodietary Change among Pre-State Metal Age Societies in Northeast Thailand: A Stable Isotope ApproachPietrusewskyBiological
2006Shepardson, Britton LeifExplaining Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Energy Investment in the Prehistoric Statuary of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)GravesArchaeology
2006Addison, David J.Feast or Famine? Predictability, Density, Drought, and Irrigation: The Archaeology of Agriculture in Marquesas Islands ValleysGravesArchaeology
2006Samudra, JaidaBody and Belonging in a Transnational Indonesian Silat CommunityWhiteCultural
2006Loscalzo, AunchaleePopulations in Transition, Medicines in Motion: Migration, Health, and Healing in Echang Hamlet, Republic of Palau, MicronesiaEtkinMedical/Ecological
2005Guelden, MarlaneThai Spirit Mediums: Reconstructing Conceptions of Gender, Hierarchy, & ReligionYanoCultural
2005Bollt, Robert J.The Archaeology of Rurutu: Its Role in East Polynesian PrehistoryRolettArchaeology
2004Bith, Pollie D.Mango Illness: Health Decisions and the Use of Biomedical and Traditional Therapies in CambodiaEtkinApplied
2004Cochrane, Ethan E.Interacting Populations and Evolutionary Processes: Building Explanations of Exchange and Integration in FijiHuntArchaeology
2004Dolcemascolo, GlennUniversitas Rakyat: Managing Natural Resources in the Face of ChangeSponselCultural
2003Inoue, AkihiroAn Ethnographic Study of the Construction of Hawaiian Christianity in the Past and the PresentDeweyCultural
2003Bong, SovathThe Ceramic Chronology of Angkor Borei, Takeo Province, Southern CambodiaGriffinArchaeology
2003DaGrossa, Pamela S.The Meanings of Sex: University Students in Northeast ThailandBilmesCultural
2003Dixon, Anna R.Health and Wealth: Dietary Supplements, Network Marketing and the Commodification of HealthEtkinCultural
2003Field, Julie S.The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation in Fijian Prehistory: Archaeological Research in the Sigatoka Valley, FijiHuntArchaeology
2003Nogelmeier, Marvin R.Mai Pa`a I Ka Leo: Historical Voice in Hawaiian Primary Materials, Looking Forward and Listening BackFinneyCultural
2003Cruz, LynetteSovereignty, Process and the "Sacred Community"GriffinCultural
2003Kinoshita, GakuPuna Sugar Plantation: Culture and History of Japanese American OldtimersYanoCultural
2003Suzuki, NobueWives From Asia: Gender, Person, and Community in Japanese-Filipina Marriages in Urban JapanLebraCultural
2003Tengan, TyHale Mua: (En)gendering Hawaiian MenWhiteCultural
2003Walsh, JulieImagining the Marshalls: Chiefs, Tradition, and the State on the Fringes of US EmpireWhiteCultural
2002Carson, Michael T.Inter-cultural Contact and Exchange in Ouvea (Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia)RolettArchaeology
2002Crowder, Linda S.Mortuary Practices and the Construction of Chinatown IdentityBlakeCultural
2001Brent, Morgan T.Spiritual Ecology and Medicinal Plants: Contemporary Herbalism as a Neo-Indigenous Revitalization MovementSponselEcology
2001Mann, Robert W.Stafne's Defects of the Human MandiblePietrusewskyPhysical
2001Costa, LeeRayDeveloping Identitities: The Production of Gender, Culture and Modernity in a Northern Thai Non-Governmental OrganizationWhiteCultural
2001Dega, Michael FrancisPrehistoric Circular Earthworks of CambodiaGriffinArchaeology
2001Gollin, LisaThe Taste and Smell of Taban Kenyah (Kenyah Medicine): An Exploration of Chemosensory Selection Criteria for Medicinal Plants among the Kenyah Leppo'ke of East Kalimantan, Borneo, IndonesiaEtkinMedical
2000Abad, Carolyn KehaunaniAn Analysis of Hawaiian Oral Traditions: Descriptions and Explanations of the Evolution of Hawaiian Socio-Political ComplexityGravesArchaeology
2000Leake, David W.Cultural Models Relevant to the Problem of Anger for Youngster Perceived as Troubled and Troubling in a 'Tough' Community in Hawa'iBilmesCultural
1999Thomas, FrankOptimal Foraging and Conservation: The Anthropology of Mollusk Gathering Strategies in the Gilbert Islands Group, KiribatiGriffinEcological
1999Latinis, David KyleSubsistence System Diversification in Southeast Asia and the Pacific: Where Does Maluku Fit?GriffinEcological
1999Kjellgren, Eric P.Painting Country for Cities: East Kimberly Aboriginal Art in Two WorldsGriffinCultural
1999Fowler, CynthiaThe Creolization of Natives and Exotics: The Changing Symbolic and Functional Character of Culture and Agriculture in Kodi, West Sumba (Indonesia)EtkinEcological
1999Nakamura, Jadelyn J. MonizThe Archaeology of Human Foraging and Bird Resources on the Island of Hawaii: The Evolutionary Ecology of Avian Predation, Resource Intensification, Extirpation and ExtinctionGravesArchaeology
1999Zhang, YanhuaAttuning Body-Person with Chinese Medicine: An Ethnography of Emotion-Related Disorders in a Clinic of Traditional Chinese MedicineBlakeCultural
1998Adams, DavidThe boundary makers: The search for wilderness in Minnesota's hundred years' warSponselEcology
1998Cai, WeirongThe social cultural construction of illness in a Chinese hospitalBlakeMedical
1998Cheng, Hsiang-meiChanging gender relations among the Tagbanua on Palawan, PhilippinesGriffinCultural
1998Gurung, BarunA study of mountains, development and knowledge processes: The Mewahang Rai of East NepalDeweyCultural
1998Kirkendall, MelissaDemographic change on Matuku Island, Fiji in response to infections diseases introduced at European contactHuntArchaeology
1998Lee, Jung HyeA quest for health in Korea: Food and Body in illness narratives of modernizationEtkinMedical
1998Schrift, MelissaBiography of a Mao badgeBlakeCultural
1998Sloat, AnnThe medical response to battered women: Victimhood, medicalization and genderDeweyMedical
1997Gunn, MaryThe development of social networks: Subsistence production and exchange between the sixth and sixteenth centuries a.d. In the Tanjay region, Negros Oriental, the PhilippinesGravesArchaeology
1997Aswani, ShankarCustomary sea tenure and artisanal fishing in the Roviana and Vonavona lagoons, Solomon Islands: the volutionary ecology of marine resource utilizationFinneyEcology
1997Lye, Tuck-PoKnowledge, forest and hunter-gatherer movement: the batek of pahang, MalaysiaGriffinCultural
1997Puri, RajindraHunting knowledge of the Penan Benalui of East Kalimantan, IndonesiaSponselEcology
1997Daniggelis, EphrosineThe 'Jangal's' hidden wealth: a survival strategy by foraging farmers in the upper Arun Valley, eastern NepalDeweyEcology
1997Sumukti, SumastutiThe Javanese cosmic mountain: Gunungan/KayonDeweyCultural
1996Douglas, MichelePaleopathology in human skeletal remains from the pre-metal, bronze and iron ages, northern ThailandPietrusewskyPhysical
1996Moblo, PennieDefamation by disease: Leprosy, myth and ideology in nineteenth century Hawai'iFinneyCultural
1996Stark, KennethAlternative rainforest economies of Maluku, Indonesia: A reply to the "wild yam hypothesis" from the archaeological recordGriffinEcology
1996Hinshiranan, NarumonThe analysis of Moken opportunistic foragers' intragroup and intergroup relationsDeweyCultural
1996Kelsky, KarenSelf as other, other selves: Gender, identity and narratives of women's internationalism in JapanLebra, T.Cultural
1996Kihleng, KimberleeWomen in exchange: negotiated relations, practice, and the constitution of female power in porcesses of cultural reproduction and change in Pohnpei, MicronesiaLinnekinCultrual
1996Garland, AnneMaterial culture change after euroAmerican contact in Honolulu, Hawai`i, circa 1800-1850: A selectionist model for diet and tablewaresGravesArchaeology
1996Zvosec, DeborahPerceptions and experiences of tuberculosis in rural eastern Nepal: A biobehavioral perspectiveEtkinMedical
1995Wickler, StephenTwenty nine thousand years on Buka: Long-term cultural change in the northern Solomon IslandsGravesArchaeology
1995Fjelstad, KarenTu Phu Cong Dong: Vietnamese women and spirit possession in the San Francisco Bay areaDeweyCultural
1995Cook, CarolynThe Amung way: The subsistence strategies, the knowledge and the dilemma of the Tsinga Valley people in Irian Jaya, IndonesiaDeweyEcology
1995Pewnim, ManeewanSanuk: A study of Thai "leisure" activities in transitionDeweyCultural
1995Yano, ChristineShaping tears of a nation: An ethnography of emotion in Japanese popular songLebra, T.Cultural
1995Ishida, DianneLearning preferences among ethnically diverse nursing students exposed to a variety of collaborative learning approaches including problem-based learningDeweyCultural
1995Rohde, RichardIdentity, self, and disorder among Vietnam veterans: PTSD and the emergence of an electronic communityLinnekinCultural
1994Hefner, CarlLudruk folk theatre of east Java: Toward a theory of symbolic actionDeweyCultural
1994Rensel, JanetFor love or money? Interhousehold exchange and the economy of RotumaFinneyCultural
1994Cooper, NancyThe sirens of Java: Gender ideologies, mythologies and practice in central JavaDeweyCultural
1993Ladefoged, ThegnEvolutionary process in an oceanic chiefdom intergroup aggression and political integration in traditional Rotuman societyGravesArchaeology
1993Brown, VanessaThe association of concordance between physician and patient medical concepts and patient satisfaction, compliance and medical outcomesHannaMedical
1993Bethel, DianaFrom abandonment to community: Life in a Japanese institution for the elderlyLebra, T.Cultural
1993Roberson, JamesThe other Japanese worker: work and culture in a small Japanese companyLebra, T.Cultural
1993Akin, DavidNegotiating culture in east Kwaio, Malaita, Solomon IslandsBilmesCultural
1992Caballero, EvelynGold from the gods: traditional small-scale miners from Benguet Province, PhilippinesDeweyCultural
1992Dunham (Soetoro), AnnPeasant Blacksmithing in Indonesia: Surviving and Thriving Against All OddsDeweyCultural
1992Tam, SiumiWork and idiology in China's special economic zone: An empirical study of structuration theoryBlakeCultural
1990Beggerly, PatriciaKahana valley, Hawai'i, a geomorphic artifact: A study of the interrelationships among geomorphic structures, natural processes, and ancient Hawaii technology, land use, and settlement patternsGriffinEcology
1990Maskarinec, GregoryThe ruling of the night: an enthnographic exegesis of shamanic oral texts from western NepalBilmesCultural
1990Awang, Hashim BinFamily-based popular health culture in a Malay village in Kelantan, peninsular MalaysiaLiebanCultural
1990Stover, MaryThe individualization of land in America SamoaFinneyCultural
1990Davis, BertellHuman settlement in pristine insular environments: A Hawaiian case study from Barbers Point, southwestern O'ahuGriffinEcology
1990Faulstich, PaulLandscape perception and visual metaphor in Warlpiri world viewDeweyEcology
1990Chhetri, RamAdaptation of Tibetan refugees in Pokhara, Nepal: A study on persistence and changeGriffinCultural
1989Fitzgerald, MaureenModernization and the menstrual experience among SamoansLiebanCultural
1989Moir, BarbaraMariculture and material culture on Takuu atoll: Indigenous cultivation of tridacna gigas (mollusca: bivalvia) and its implications for pre-European technology, resource management, and social relations on a Polynesian outlierGriffinEcology
1989Prasad, UshaA cross cultural comparison of filarial disease in the Fiji IslandsHowardEcology
1989Klieger, PaulAccomplishing Tibetan identity: The constitution of a national consciousnessBlakeCultural
1989Larson, BruceSojourning and personhood: College students return to Truk, Federated States of MicronesiaLinnekinCultural
1989Nitta, FumiteruThe Japanese father, American mother, and their children: Bicultural socialization experiences in JapanLebra, T.Cultural
1988Levitt, MartaFrom sickles to scissors: Birth, traditional birth attendants and perinatal health development in rural NepalDeweyCultural
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1987Dubois, BarbaraHypertension and social support: The medical anthropology of older, urban SamoansHowardCultural
1986D'Amato, John"We cool, tha's why": A study of personhood and place in a class of Hawaiian second gradersBilmesCultural
1986Brooks, CharlesChanging realities in an Indian pilgrimage town: Symbolic interactions between the people of Vrindaban and Hare Krishna devoteesBilmesCultural
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1985Epstein, JoshuaDependency and affluence as challenges to national development in PalauDeweyCultural
1985Podhisita, ChaiPeasant household strategies: A study of production and reproduction in a northeastern Thai villageDeweyEcology
1985Franco, RobertSamoan perceptions of work: Moving up and moving aroundHowardCultural
1984Zialcita, FernandoKinsmen and voluntary associations in two Ilocano communitiesLiebanCultural
1984Kahane, JoyceThe role of the "western" pharmacist in rural Taiwanese medical cultureLiebanCultural
1984Bath, JoyceA tale of two cities: An evaluation of political evolution in the eastern Caroline Islands of Micronesia since a.d. 1000GriffinArchaeology
1984Kirch, DebraTourism as conflict in Polynesia: Status degradation among Tongan handicraft sellersDeweyCultural
1984Burch, CarolA structure in resilience: Subsistence strategies of the To Mak Toraja (Indonesia)DeweyEcology
1983Dahal, Dilli RamPoverty or plenty: Innovative responses to population pressure in an eastern Nepalese hill communityDeweyCultural
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1979Hornick, ConradHeart disease in a migrating populationHannaMedical
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