Anthropology MA Recipients (since 1930)

Year Recipient Title Chair
2022 Cook, Shelby Non-Thesis Brunson
2022 Khang, Seng Non-Thesis Stark
2022 Tuitavuki, Kylie Non-Thesis Kirch
2022 Wong, Katriel Non-Thesis Brunson
2021 Arzberger, Nadia Non-Thesis Bae
2021 Funaki, Sione Non-Thesis Tengan
2021 Lobendahn, Katherine Non-Thesis Bayman
2021 Nguyen, Michelle Non-Thesis Bae
2021 Shea, Alessandra Non-Thesis Mawyer
2020 Aoina, Eliah Non-Thesis Tengan
2020 Atkinson, Valery E. Non-Thesis Tengan
2020 Eastman, Paul Non-Thesis Saethre
2020 Freed, Anna-Michelle K Non-Thesis Tengan
2019 Zeller, Thomas R. When Treatment is Violence: Making, Treating, and Regulating Addiction in Nepali Private Rehabilitation Centers Brunson
2019 Pinsonneault, Max Non-Thesis Rolett
2019 Murphy, Devin Non-Thesis Golub
2019 Flanagan, Brendan C. Conservation Against Conservation: Contesting Ways of Understanding Forests in Southern Myanmar Padwe
2019 Gwerder, Benjamin J. Being Judo: An Ethnography on the Constructions of Identity and Masculinities among Contemporary Hawai'i's Judoka Yano
2019 McConkey, Erin Learning Local Care: An Ethnography of Caregiving in Hawai'i Saethre
2018 Anae, Hannah K. Non-Thesis Bayman
2017 McVey, Marlene F. Non-Thesis Peterson
2017 MacIver, Andrew E. Shang Ritual and Social Dynamics at Anyang: An Analysis of Dasikong and Huayuanzhuang East Burials Peterson
2017 Ma, Yi Non-Thesis Padwe
2017 Fuentes, Reynaldo Non-Thesis Bayman
2017 Ledesma, Charmaine P. Non-Thesis Stark
2017 Klem, Jonathon M. Shells and Stones: A Functional Examination of the Tuamotus Adze Kit Rolett
2016 Warech, Julie R. Non-Thesis Tengan
2016 Rivera, Keely Sumiko K. Non-Thesis Tengan
2016 Hemrajani, Aashish The Dharma of Bums: Identity, Neoliberalism, and Biomedicine in the Practice of Treating Homelessness Yano
2016 Nishioka, Kari Lynne H. Non-Thesis Bayman
2016 Intarat, Phianphachong Gray Patronage: Rethinking the Undocumented Migrant Workers' Precarious Lives along the Thai-Burmese Border Padwe
2016 Clyde, Deirdre A. Non-Thesis Yano
2016 Stephens, Maura H. Non-Thesis Brunson
2016 Harris, Lindsey Mee Nah Sustainable Seabed Mining: Corporate Geoscientists' Visons in the Soloman Islands Golub
2016 Donnelly, Meghan Rose Non-Thesis White
2016 Dakujaku, Elizabeth J. Non-Thesis Bayman
2016 Benitez, Robert Non-Thesis Bae
2015 Boeger, Zakea Annette Bringing Back Individualism: Examining the Roles of Overseas Experiences and Personal and Social Obligations in Women's Pursuits of Good Health in Nuku'alofa, Tonga Brunson
2015 Lauer, Karen Kikuye Kadohiro Health and Disease in Prehistoric Tonga Pietrusewsky
2015 Yurong, Alicia Kwai How Non-Thesis Tengan
2014 DiNapoli, Robert J. The Evolution of Social Hierarchy in Leeward Kohala, Island Of Hawaii: An Evolutionary Ecological Approach Hunt
2014 Sailors, Damion Non-Thesis Hunt
2014 Thurman, Rosanna Mari Runyon Non-Thesis Bayman
2014 Wong, Charmaine Reviewing the Kilns and Stoneware Ceramics of Angkor Stark
2014 Manirath, Lisa Non-Thesis Stark
2013 Ferreira, Kamakana Non-Thesis Rolett
2013 van Ommen, Mattias Raoul Dores Non-Thesis Yano
2013 Bui, Mai Thi Phuong Non-Thesis Padwe
2013 Quang, Tuyen Dai Non-Thesis Stark
2013 O'Connor, John Thornton Non-Thesis Hunt
2012 Tran, Quy T. Non-Thesis Stark
2012 Ly, Thanh Ha T. Non-Thesis Stark
2012 Ritter, David Leprosy, Science and Meaning: A Study of Internment, Tourism and Academia in Kalaupapa Saethre
2012 Van Allen, Joel Vessels of Kastom: Canoes and Canoe Builders of Lamen Island White
2012 Bellville, Jennifer Non-Thesis Bayman
2012 Alves, Liane Non-Thesis Tengan
2012 Arriola, Theresa Hill Non-Thesis Tengan
2012 Duarte, Trever K. Non-Thesis Hunt
2012 Sack, Nancy L. Explaining Maya Monumental Architecture Arno
2012 Sakaguchi, Jo Ann Non-Thesis Bayman
2011 Arakawa, Tai Non-Thesis Pietrusewsky
2011 Young, Nanise Non-Thesis White
2011 Evans, Malia Kapuaonalani Non-Thesis Bayman
2011 Berger, Nicole Catherine Divine Sustenance: Krishna Prasadam in Honolulu, Hawaii Tengan
2011 Condit, Joey Jean Non-Thesis Pietrusewsky
2011 Roper, Summer Ann Non-Thesis Bayman
2010 Hayashi, Atsuko A Modified Anatomical Method for Estimating Japanese Stature from the Calcaneus and Talus Pietrusewsky
2010 Ingalls, Teresa Lyn Variation in Dental Morphology in Four Species of Bovids: Applications for Southeast Asian Archaeology and the Angkor Borei Site, Cambodia Stark
2010 Lee, Hui-Lin Non-Thesis Stark
2010 Nakamoto, Ashley Roxanne Non-Thesis Bayman
2010 Page, Richard God is not in the Machine: Playerkilling as Indigenized Cultural Form Golub
2010 Sebro, Tani Helen Non-Thesis Arno
2010 Xiong, Jy Non-Thesis Blake
2010 Ball, Patrick Devin Non-Thesis Yano
2010 Fite, Sebastian Kendall Non-Thesis Yano
2010 Daigle, Michelle D. J. Non-Thesis Yano
2010 Gard, Amie Elizabeth Rowan Non-Thesis Hunt
2010 Gonzalez, Ana Lucia Temper Variability of the Early to Late Intermediate Period Pottery of the Pambamarca Region in the Northern Andes of Ecuador Graves
2010 Kunkel, Sarah Marie Eating at the Crossroads: Sojourning, Food, and Identity for Japanese Wives in Hawai'i Yano
2010 Lai, Kuan-jung Non-Thesis White
2010 Pacheco, Robert Aaron Non-Thesis Blake
2010 Souza, Tanya Malia Non-Thesis Bayman
2010 Vitousek, Michael Kaleihoku Non-Thesis Hunt
2009 Baza, Cecelia Non-Thesis Tengan
2009 Bundhuwong, Chalita Non-Thesis Sponsel
2009 Clinton, Shanna Non-Thesis White
2009 Craft, Ruth Ito-Itak: Ethnography of a Marshallese Jino and Her Helping Networks in Diaspora Arno
2009 Fehrenbach, Shawn Traditions of Ceramic Technology: An Analysis of the Assemblages from Angkor Borei, Cambodia Stark
2009 Filimoehala, Chris Non-Thesis Hunt
2009 Fong, Jeffrey Non-Thesis Pietrusewsky
2009 Heng, Piphal Non-Thesis Stark
2009 Ka'akau-Delizo, Melissa Non-Thesis Bayman
2009 Kim, Soojin Non-Thesis Bilmes
2009 Terry, Daniel Non-Thesis Bayman
2009 Uyeoka, Kelley Non-Thesis Bayman
2008 Runestad, Pamela Non-Thesis Etkin
2008 Stevens-Gleason, Aggy Non-Thesis Tengan
2008 Mochihara, Tomoko Non-Thesis Blake
2008 Suzuki, Katherine Tuberculosis in Polynesia: A Discussion of its Occurrence Before Initial European Contact Blake
2008 Swazey, Kelli Carrying Culture and Re(Creating) Nation through Christianity: Minahasan Culture and Identity in Transnational Indonesian Churches in New England White
2008 Vaughan, Ashley Non-Thesis White
2007 Barnes, Shawn Non-Thesis Hunt
2007 Barrier-Heinz, Sandra Non-Thesis Young-Leslie
2007 Calugay, Cyril Non-Thesis Stark
2007 Cunningham, Eric Non-Thesis Sponsel
2007 Curtis, Valerie Non-Thesis Graves
2007 Fifita, Patricia Non-Thesis Tengan
2007 De Paulis, Lucia Lasso Non-Thesis Sponsel
2007 Naleimaile, Sean Non-Thesis Hunt
2007 Pongpanich, Krittiyowadee Non-Thesis White
2007 Rieth, Timothy A Radiocarbon Chronology for Samoa: An Application of a Chronometric Hygiene Protocol to Examine Initial Colonization and the "Dark Ages" Hunt
2007 Valcour, Nicole Non-Thesis Etkin
2006 Aslam, Feriyal Non-Thesis White
2006 Davis, Mark Obesity Etkin
2006 Rabitor, Benjamin Authenticating Practice: Global Trends and Local Traditions in Cambodian Islam Griffin
2006 Toleno, Robban Tea Gardens and Tea Plantations: Understanding How Hani Villagers Evaluate Their Place in the Landscape of Xishuangbanna, China Sponsel
2006 Claus, Catherine Non-Thesis Sponsel
2006 Furnish, Naomi Non-Thesis Blake
2006 Hansen, Lauren Non-Thesis Blake
2006 He, Jifang Non-Thesis Blake
2006 Mintmier, Melanie Non-Thesis Rolett
2006 Stephen, Jesse Non-Thesis Graves
2005 Barnett, Theodore End-of-Life Decision Making in the Intensive Care Unit: Effect of Ethnicity and Gender Etkin
2005 Esh, Kelley Human Impacts on Hawaiian Birds: Analysis of Avifauna Hunt
2005 Spitler, Rachel Arno  
2005 Vu, Tu Anh Thi Non-Thesis Blake
2005 Richardson, Claire Non-Thesis Etkin
2005 Commendador, Amy Measuring Variability in Pehistoric Stone Construction on Rapa Nui, Chile Hunt
2005 Nguyen, Thao Cong Non-Thesis Sponsel
2005 Nooksuk, Wannasarn The Significance of Peninsular Siam in the Southeast Asian Maritime World During 500 BC to AD 1000 Stark
2005 Richardson, Claire Non-Thesis Etkin
2005 Hirano, Daisuke Non-Thesis Sponsel
2005 McNaughton, Pamela Non-Thesis Arno
2005 Morrison, Alexander Non-Thesis Hunt
2005 Spoon, Jeremy Non-Thesis Etkin
2004 Abbott, Jon We Call Them Weeds: The Interrelations Among Culture, Identity, Taxonomy, and Policy in the Interpretation of Introduced Plants in Hawai`I Etkin
2004 Bodemer, Margaret B. Non-Thesis Blake
2004 Malmstrom, Carl Non-Thesis Yano
2004 McGrath Jones, Jill Non-Thesis Etkin
2004 Cauchois, Mickaelle-Hinanui Non-Thesis Graves
2004 Splain, Thomas E. Non-Thesis Howard
2004 O'Leary, Owen Non-Thesis Hunt
2004 Ru, Hung-Yu Non-Thesis Etkin
2003 Luna, Regina G. W. Non-Thesis Sponsel
2003 Mikulanec, Jacce S. Non-Thesis Hunt
2003 Ramirez, Vickie E. Non-Thesis Etkin
2003 Adams, Jeffrey Non-thesis Griffin
2003 Genz, Joseph Non-thesis Finney
2003 Hayashi, Corey Non-thesis Sponsel
2003 Kikiloi, Scott Non-thesis Graves
2003 May, Melissa The forest for the trees? The political ecology of three carbon sink reserves within southern Brazil's Atlantic coastal forest Etkin
2003 McElroy, Windy Variability in Poi Pounders from Kaua'i Island, Hawai'i Graves
2003 Perry, Lahela Non-thesis Graves
2003 Acabado, Stephen Land Use and Agricultural Intensification: A GIS-Based Analysis of the Ifugao Landscape, Northern Philippines Griffin
2003 Jirattikorn, Amporn Non-thesis White
2003 Lee, Rachel Non-thesis Etkin
2003 Maibala, Baulon Non-thesis White
2003 McMillan, Heather Non-thesis Etkin
2003 Morton, Michah Non-thesis Sponsel
2002 Busch, Jessica N. The Way of Choju: Consuming longevity in a rural Japanese town Etkin
2002 Shepardson, Britton L. Non-thesis Hunt
2002 Vora, Kalindi A. Miss India USA 2001: Flexible Practices and Creative Culture in the Indian Diaspora Yano
2002 Funahashi, Daena A. Non-thesis Etkin
2002 Katsuno, Hirofumi Non-thesis Yano
2002 Pigliasco, Guido C. Non-thesis Arno
2002 Sprague, Thomas H. Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
2001 Ledward, Brandon C. Non-thesis White
2001 Lindahl, Sofia U. Non-thesis Etkin
2001 McDermott, Matthew J. The Historical Ecology of Coastal Kihei, District of Kula, Maui Hunt
2000 Spock, Margarita L Non-thesis Bilmes
2000 Tengan, Ty P. Non-thesis White
2000 Bollt, Robert J. Marquesan Warfare Rolett
2000 Escott, Glenn G. Non-thesis Griffin
2000 Eyre, Peter J. Non-thesis Stark
2000 Kinoshita, Gaku Non-thesis Yano
1999 Aronson, Karen F. A Compositional Analysis of Ceramics from the Qaranicagi Rock Shelter: Implications for Exchange Hunt
1999 Maret, Jeffrey D. Non-thesis Yano
1999 Pearthree, Erik E. Non-thesis Rolett
1999 Wang, Anne Parenting Identities: America's Adopted 'Chinese' Daughters from China Blake
1999 Carpenter, Dawn Non-thesis Yano
1999 Finney, Suzanne Non-thesis Graves
1999 Godby, William Non-thesis Blake
1999 Keesing, Audrey Non-thesis Dewey
1999 Mohamed-Zaini, Shah Non-thesis Stark
1999 Silverglade, David Non-thesis Blake
1999 Whelan, Christal Non-thesis Howard
1999 Wilcox, Peter Non-thesis Blake
1998 Bith, Polly Non-thesis Blake
1998 Bong, Sovath Non-thesis Griffin
1998 Carlsen, Matthew Non-thesis Lebra
1998 Cochrane, Ethan Non-thesis Hunt
1998 Field, Julie Non-thesis Hunt
1998 Guelden, Marlane Non-thesis Howard
1998 West, Eric Non-thesis Rolett
1997 Matzner, Andrew Men into women: progressive or problematic? Linnekin
1997 Yeo, Kwang-Kyoon Non-thesis Blake
1997 Ball, Deborah M. Non-thesis Linnekin
1997 Loscalzo, Aunchalee Non-thesis Etkin
1997 Luskin, Ryan Non-thesis Sponsel
1997 McGee, Suzanne Non-thesis Etkin
1997 N'ha Sandra, Jaida Non-thesis Bilmes
1997 Ikehara, Rona Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1997 Imamura, Akiko Non-thesis Blake
1996 Cullinane, Joanne Stigma, pollution, and disease: the cultural construction of aids in Japan Lebra, T.
1996 Sava, Vincent Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1996 McCormick, Timothy Non-thesis Etkin
1996 Carson, Michael Non-thesis Rolett
1996 Humphrey, Lisa Non-thesis Hunt
1996 Matuseski, Jan Non-thesis Finney
1996 Lang, Leslie Non-thesis Linnekin
1996 Dolcemascolo, Glenn Non-thesis Sponsel
1995 Latinis, David Kyle Lithic workshops and chipping stations in the Philippines: a re-analysis of the Busibus/pintu lithic assemblage from northern Luzon, Philippines Griffin
1995 Major, Maurice The cultural construction of culture reconstruction: an ethnography of Hawai'i archaeologists in the contract era Howard
1995 Ringberg, Torsten Non-thesis Sponsel
1995 Pfeffer, Michael Non-thesis Hunt
1995 Sakai, Mina Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1995 Gollin, Lisa Non-thesis Etkin
1995 Fogelin, Lars Non-thesis Graves
1995 Brown, Marilyn Non-thesis Etkin
1995 Adams, David Non-thesis Sponsel
1995 Dega, Michael Non-thesis Griffin
1995 Saito, Kazuo Non-thesis Blake
1994 Marx, Katina Blood, semen, and fears: body substance ideologies and gender in New Guinea Linnekin
1994 Tsai, Chia-Ling Ethnic identity and immigrant organization: a study of a Taiwanese immigrant organization in Honolulu, Hawaii Blake
1994 Fukuda, Lynne The prosocial behaviors of the rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta) of cayo santiago, Puerto Rico Sponsel
1994 Lye, Tuck-Po Batek hep: Culture, Nature, and the Folklore of a Malaysian Forest People Sponsel
1994 Moniz, Jadelyn J. Non-thesis Hunt
1994 Hu, Jun Non-thesis Etkin
1994 Sasaki, Mio Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1994 Nguyen, Phong Non-thesis Sponsel
1994 Lewin, Mark Non-thesis Etkin
1994 Addison, David Non-thesis Graves
1994 Adams, James Non-thesis Hunt
1993 Erkelens, Conrad Archaeological research on the Kukanono slope: a new perspective on landscape and land use change at Kawainui Marsh, Oahu Hunt
1993 Kjellgren, Eric Non-thesis Griffin
1993 Gunn, Mary Non-thesis Griffin
1993 Suzuki, Nobue Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1993 Kirkendall, Melissa Non-thesis Hunt
1992 Kelsky, Karen Beauty and the beast: sexual encounters between Japanese women and foreign men in Hawaii Lebra, T.
1992 Allen, Tricia An analysis and re-evaluation of Marquesan tatooing Griffin
1992 Bowles, Edith Non-thesis Blake
1992 Dagrossa, Pamela Non-thesis Dewey
1992 Schrift, Melissa Non-thesis Blake
1992 Crampton, William Non-thesis Blake
1992 Buschmann, Rainer Non-thesis Linnekin
1992 Aswani, Shankar Non-thesis Hunt
1992 Abad, Carolyn Kehau Non-thesis Graves
1992 Zhang, Yanhua Non-thesis Blake
1992 Lee, Jung Hye Non-thesis Etkin
1992 Gurung, Barun Non-thesis Dewey
1992 Gordon, Elizabeth Non-thesis Hunt
1992 Loya, Paula Non-thesis Sponsel
1992 Huang, Ya-Pei Non-thesis Blake
1991 Sweeney, Maria Non-thesis Graves
1991 Tobin, Jeffrey Non-thesis Graves
1991 Pewnim, Maneewan Non-thesis Sponsel
1991 Ishida, Dianne Non-thesis Dewey
1991 Richards, Dawn Non-thesis Finney
1990 Clark, Constance The trading networks of the northeastern Cagayan Agta negritos Griffin
1990 Carter, Laura Protohistoric material correlates in Hawaiian archaeology, a.D. 1778-1820 Graves
1990 Sumukti, Sumastuti An analysis of the power of semar through selected shadowplay stories Dewey
1990 Cruz, Lynette Looking back: Hawaiian perspectives of history Linnekin
1990 Weems, Michael Non-thesis Blake
1990 Hagiwara, Mayu Non-thesis Howard
1990 Kiernan, Lisa Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1990 Hacskaylo, Lisa Non-thesis Griffin
1990 Henderson, Charles Non-thesis Bilmes
1990 Johnston, Joy Non-thesis Blake
1989 Kawachi, Carol Pua'a 2 and upland habitation and agricultural complex in north Kona, Hawai'i Island Griffin
1989 Cai, Weirong Non-thesis Blake
1989 Tober, Diane Non-thesis Maretzki
1989 Fisher, Nona Non-thesis Sponsel
1989 Riddle, Thomas Non-thesis Blake
1989 Puri, Rajindra Non-thesis Sponsel
1989 Inoue, Akihiro Non-thesis Blake
1989 Kalima, Patricia Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1989 Weems, Michael Ray Non-thesis Alan Howard
1988 Gillogly, Kathleen The ethnography of animal husbandry in lowland Thailand: aspects of human, animal, and crop interaction Sponsel
1988 Sloat, Ann Non-thesis Lieban
1988 Quibuyen, Floro Non-thesis Blake
1988 Hu, Amy Rita Non-thesis Maretzki
1988 Yano, Christine Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1988 Clarke, Mary Non-thesis Howard
1988 Juckniess, Terri Non-thesis Blake
1987 O'Meara, Christine Structural features at the doctor-patient encounter as revealed by discourse analysis Bilmes
1987 Daniggelis, Ephrosine Cash fishing and subsistence plantations: the impact of a global economy on Samoan children's growth Dewey
1987 Kauraka, Kauraka Structural analysis of Manihiki oral tradition Howard
1987 Douglas, Michele Wryneck in the Sandwich Islands: an investigation of cranial asymmetry Pietrusewsky
1987 Ladefoged, Thegn Settlement pattern analysis and relational data bases: an archaeological study in Hawai'i volcanoes national park Spriggs
1987 Gunness, Jo Lynn Archaeological investigations at Kualoa regional park 1975-1985, an overview Spriggs
1987 Cleghorn June Hawaiian burial reconsidered: an archaeological analysis Spriggs
1987 Cooper, Nancy Non-thesis Dewey
1987 Chhetri, Ram Non-thesis Griffin
1987 Tam, Siumi Non-thesis Blake
1987 Leake, David Non-thesis Howard
1987 Hasegawa, Mami Non-thesis Blake
1986 Maskarinec, Gregory Nepal Jhakri texts Howard
1986 Steele, James Non-thesis Sponsel
1986 Bershad, Carolyn Non-thesis Boggs
1986 MacDonald, John Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1986 Kihleng, Kimberlee Non-thesis Linnekin
1985 Panya, Opart The impact of open and closed national economic strategies on agricultural development Dewey
1985 Klieger, Paul Non-thesis Dewey
1985 Podhisita, Chai Non-thesis Dewey
1985 Eitzen, Hilda Non-thesis Lieban
1985 Wickler, Stephen Non-thesis Spriggs
1985 Akin, David Non-thesis Bilmes
1985 Rensel, Janet Non-thesis Dewey
1984 Zialcita, Fernando Non-thesis Lieban
1984 Mudar, Karen Non-thesis Gould
1984 Robinson, David Non-thesis Hanna
1984 Bacus, Elisabeth Non-thesis Spriggs
1984 Bethel, Diana Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1984 Fujii, Wilma Non-thesis Blake
1984 Fawcett, Denby Non-thesis Sponsel
1984 Fitzgerald, Maureen A review and critique of the literature on menstrual beliefs Lieban
1983 Son, In Soo Ethnic identity and self-esteem among Korean high school students in Japan Lebra, T.
1983 Soetoro, S. Ann Dunham Non-thesis Dewey
1983 Soh, Chung Hee Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1983 Savina, Gail Non-thesis Lieban
1983 Patton, James Non-thesis Howard
1983 Prasad, Usha Non-thesis Howard
1983 Lim-Thomas, Anita Non-thesis Lieban
1983 Graham, Catherine Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1983 Trembly, Diane Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1983 Parker, Samuel Non-thesis Howard
1983 Newfeld, Stuart Non-thesis Hanna
1983 Dahal, Dilli Ram Non-thesis Dewey
1983 Stover, Mary Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1982 Bordner, Richard A stylistic analysis of the mangasse tradition, central Vanuatu Solheim II
1982 Chindarsi, Nusit Non-thesis Dewey
1982 Brown, Vanessa Non-thesis Hanna
1982 Wilen, Richard Non-thesis Dewey
1982 Shun, Kanalei Non-thesis Howard
1981 Hefner, Carl The visual construction of reality: film/video as a data base in developing anthropological theory Dewey
1981 Headland, Thomas Taxonomic disagreement in a culturally salient domain: botany versus utility in a Philippine negrito taxonomic system Griffin
1981 Allen, Melinda An analysis of Mauna Kea adze quarry archaebotanical assemblage Gould
1981 Carroll, Sandra Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1981 Joesting, Ann Non-thesis Dewey
1981 White, Margaret Non-thesis Blake
1981 Dionisopoulos-Mass, Regina Non-thesis Lieban
1981 Brosius, James After Duwagan: deforestation succession and adaptation in upland Luzon, Philippines Griffin
1981 Nguyen, Khoach Ba Non-thesis Solheim II
1981 Nitta, Fumiteru Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1981 Batista, Christine Non-thesis Griffin
1981 Jennison-Nolan, Jane Non-thesis Lieban
1980 Saggers, Sherry Non-thesis Gould
1980 Suyenaga, Joan Non-thesis Dewey
1980 Kavanagh, Kathryn Non-thesis Maretzki
1980 Baxter, Lester Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1979 Brooks, Charles The path of Krishna: situation in the development of American Hare Krishna devotees Bilmes
1979 Levitt, Marta Childbirth practices in an urban Taiwanese community: functions inherent in female social networks Howard
1979 Malinowski, Terry Non-thesis Dewey
1979 Cleghorn, Paul Non-thesis Gould
1979 Fielder, Betty Non-thesis Dewey
1979 Kahane, Joyce Non-thesis Lieban
1979 Neller, Earl Non-thesis Tuggle
1979 Mitchell, Thomas Non-thesis Howard
1979 Tsui, Elaine Non-thesis Dewey
1979 Konno, Hiroaki Non-thesis Boggs
1978 Klapstein, Susan Ann Obesity and related seriological variable in a migrant Samoan population Hanna
1978 Ewart, Ned The structural economics of peasant production in Paraguay Griffin
1978 Grey, Janet Non-thesis Oliver
1978 McNeill, Judith Non-thesis Solheim II
1978 Moir, Barbara Non-thesis Griffin
1978 Sawatpanich, Ua Non-thesis Lieban
1978 Schousboe, Ragnar Non-thesis Griffin
1978 Epstein, Joshua Non-thesis Dewey
1978 Bruce, Lesley Non-thesis Boggs
1977 Beggerly, Patricia Non-thesis Griffin
1977 Chung, Cha-Whan Social units of a Korean village Lebra, W.
1977 Keller, Katherine The effects of population pressure on a swidden society: the Tagbanwa of Palawan Dewey
1977 Hamnett, Michael Non-thesis Oliver
1977 Lynn, Patricia Non-thesis Howard
1977 Olson, Larry Non-thesis Griffin
1977 D'Amato, John Non-thesis Bilmes
1977 Rapu, Sergio Non-thesis Gould
1977 Caballero, Evelyn Non-thesis Dewey
1977 Tack, Cheryl Non-thesis Howard
1977 Lee, Sung Hae Non-thesis Howard
1976 Gentes, Mary Floating frame: a comparative study of Shinto in three environments Dewey
1976 McLeod, Beverly Intercultural education: Japanese and Singaporean students in the United States Lebra, T.
1976 Lo, Mei-Li Non-thesis Lebra, W.
1976 Wheeler, Floyd Non-thesis Tuggle
1976 Streck Jr., Charles Non-thesis Solheim II
1976 Grandstaff, Terry Non-thesis Dewey
1976 Amerine, Ronald Non-thesis Gould
1976 Hicks, Marsha Non-thesis Gould
1976 Hornick, Conrad Non-thesis Hanna
1976 Jamieson III, Neil Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1976 O'Meara, John Non-thesis Tuggle
1976 Wheeler, Susan Non-thesis Solheim II
1975 Inn, Kristina The overseas Chinese in Japan: education as an expression of group affinity and a strategy for status goal Howard
1975 Porter, Kimberly Non-thesis Hanna
1975 Sutkus, William Non-thesis Boggs
1975 Snyder, Patricia Non-thesis Lieban
1975 Ali, Mina Non-thesis Maretzki
1974 Griffiths, Stephen Emigrants and garlic traders: a study of social and economic change in an Ilocos Norte Barrio Howard
1974 Keller, John The dynamics of nonviolence in Tagbanwa society Howard
1974 Takeya, Edmund The association of dermatoglyphic traits and specific blood groups: a familial study of Japanese families Pietrusewsky
1974 Heytey, Paul Non-thesis Howard
1974 Vinicchydul, Napa Non-thesis Howard
1974 Sando, Ruth Ann Non-thesis Lebra, T.
1974 Finch, Robert Non-thesis Oliver
1974 Snyder, Sarah Non-thesis Dewey
1974 Kennedy, Joseph Non-thesis Tuggle
1974 Lovelace, George Non-thesis Tuggle
1974 Priestley, Ernest Non-thesis Lieban
1974 Ng, Ai-Wah Non-thesis Watson
1974 Pollina, Leroy Non-thesis Lebra, W.
1974 Del Valle, Teresa Non-thesis Oliver
1974 Siracusa, Rene Non-thesis Oliver
1973 Cason, Kemberly Non-thesis Nelson
1973 Kimura, Craig Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1973 Ayres, Martha Non-thesis Gould
1973 Kaschko, Michael Non-thesis Tuggle
1973 Burch, Carol Non-thesis Dewey
1973 Sweetser, Anne Non-thesis Howard
1973 MacDonald, James Non-thesis Agar
1973 Katata, Jun Non-thesis Tuggle
1973 McCrath, Michael Non-thesis Lebra, W.
1973 Gaynor, Nancy Non-thesis Gould
1973 Davis, Bertell Non-thesis Tuggle
1972 Weiner, Michael Non-thesis Lieban
1972 Thomas, John Non-thesis Agar
1972 McArthur Jr., Harold Non-thesis Howard
1972 Carlson, Katherine Non-thesis Agar
1972 Shoffner, Robert Non-thesis Oliver
1972 Reid, Janice Non-thesis Boggs
1972 Kavanagh, Beatrice Non-thesis Dewey
1971 Callan, Dennis Non-thesis Griffin
1971 Kaneshiro, Ruby Non-thesis Lewis
1971 Lew, Wendell Non-thesis Boggs
1971 Yin, Chien-Chung Non-thesis Lewis
1971 Ueki, Takeshi Non-thesis Pearson
1971 Slattery, John Non-thesis Boggs
1971 Keene, Dennis Non-thesis Dewey
1971 Cordover, Jill Non-thesis Lewis
1971 Dean, Virginia Non-thesis Maretzki
1971 Harvey, Young-Sook Kim Non-thesis Lebra, W.
1970 Wu, Wei Lan Wang Non-thesis Pearson
1970 Bayard, Daisy Non-thesis Green
1970 Kennedy, Gerard Non-thesis Maretzki
1970 Rosendahl, Paul Non-thesis Maretzki
1970 Hull, Valerie Non-thesis Mahony
1970 Choi, Yong-Jin Kim Non-thesis Pearson
1970 Birdsong, William Non-thesis Pietrusewsky
1970 Edmondson, Robert Non-thesis Maretzki
1970 Allen, Andy Non-thesis Lewis
1970 Keally, Charles Non-thesis Pearson
1970 Dix, Mortimer Non-thesis Dewey
1970 Townsend, Alexander Non-thesis Pearson
1970 Sutter, Frederic Non-thesis Boggs
1970 Dashiell, Eugene Non-thesis Lewis
1970 Peterson, Susan Non-thesis Lewis
1970 Peterson, John Non-thesis Eyde
1970 Mamak, Alexander Non-thesis Luomala
1970 Riley, Thomas Non-thesis Solheim II
1969 Kanaana, Sharif Non-thesis Maretzki
1969 Seelye, Michael Non-thesis Green
1969 Wu, Yen Ho Non-thesis Dewey
1969 Sakimura, Judith Non-thesis Maretzki
1969 Lam, Wallace Non-thesis Boggs
1969 Nagao, Clarence Non-thesis Boggs
1969 Swasyart, Prasit Non-thesis Maretzki
1969 Peterson, Betty Non-thesis Dewey
1968 Swanson, Carol Non-thesis Pearson
1968 Pollock, Nancy Domestic structure in two rural Jamaican communities Maretzki
1968 Davidson, Michael Non-thesis Dewey
1968 Warner, Mary Non-thesis Boggs
1968 Yusof, Abdul Non-thesis Dewey
1968 Peterson, Warren Non-thesis Pearson
1968 Heighton Jr., Robert Non-thesis Mason
1968 Stewart, James Non-thesis Maretzki
1967 Kapuniai, Linda Caste values in India today, a study of women training to be social workers -
1967 Jordon, Cathie Dependency and dependency training in an Hawaiian community -
1967 DeLoach, Robert Non-thesis -
1967 Gorman, Chester Non-thesis -
1967 Oliver, Joseph Non-thesis -
1967 Rohsenow, Wendy Non-thesis -
1967 Bleifuss, Dennis Non-thesis -
1967 Reid, Nancy Non-thesis -
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