5-Year Course Schedule

By instructor (as of 7/19/19). * Pending approval ** Course to be developed

 Fall 2019Spring 2020Fall 2020Spring 2021Fall 2021Spring 2022Fall 2022Spring 2023Fall 2023Spring 2024
Bae458, b/o215/215L, 310375, 460/660215/215L, 604Sabbatical Lv215/215L, 375310, 360215/215L, 604458, 460/660215/215L, 459/659
Bayman151, 210210, CR210, 329711, CR210, New Crs**329, CR210, New Crs**210, CR210, 329210, CR
Brunson301, CR465, 463/663370, 710465, CR301, CR442, 463/663370, 710315, 465301, 442315, 463/663
Golub490, 601152, 350417, 490152, 350490, 601152, 350350, 490152, 417490, 601152, 350
Kirch464204, 323/623464204, 380424, 464204, 323/623447, 464204, 323/623424, 464204, 475
Padwe152, 415482, 711152, 446415615**, 620H152, 415/615*482, 711152, 611415/615**, 620H152, 446482, 711
Peterson473, CR603, CR462, 466/666Sabbatical LvNew Crs**, 477/677**473, 603462, 466/666220, TBANew Crs**, 477/677**473, 603
Quintus323/623, 640B220, 447151, 382220, 328151, 323/623210, 447151, 382Sabbatical Lv151, 323/623220, 447
Rolett151, 333151, 380151, 323/623151, 333151, 462Sabbatical LvSabbatical Lv151, 333151, 462151, 380
Saethreon leaveon leave301, 611428, 490426, 467/667Sabbatical LvSabbatical Lv427, 490426, 467/667427, 490
Stark695, CR325, CR461/661, CR325, CR446, CR325, CR410, 461/661313, 328410, 695325, 313
TenganCR682485486419750D485Sabbatical Lv419481/681
Yano429, CR484, CR152, 483484, 481/681152, 720484, 316/610152, 483484, 481/681on leaveon leave

By course (as of 5/15/19). * Pending approval ** Course to be developed

151Emerging HumanityBRBRBRBRBR  BRBRBR 
151Emerging HumanityJMB--SQ--SQ--SQ--SQ  
152Culture and HumanityJPAGJPAGJPAGJPAGJPAG 
152Culture and HumanityLec--CY--CY--CY-- -- 
175/175LPolynesian Surf Culture/Lab Lec         
204Historical Ecology of Hawaii PK PK PK PK PK 
215/215LBiological Anthropology/Bio Anth Lab CB CB CB CB CBEffective S17, once a year every spring
220Quantitative Reasoning for Anthropologists SQ SQ   CP SQ 
301Culture and Health (was 425)JBr ES JBr   JBr Every fall; fulfills method or theory req.
310Human Origins CB    CB   Every fall; fulfills theory requirement
313Visual Anthropology       MS MSFulfills method requirement
315Sex and Gender   JBr JBr JBr JBrFulfills theory requirement
316Anthropology of Tourism Lec   CY    Fulfills theory requirement
323Pacific Island ArchaeologySQPKBR SQPK PKSQ Fulfills area requirement
325Origins of Cities MS MS MS   MSFulfills theory requirement
328Food Origins, Food Culture   SQ   MS  Fulfills theory requirement
329Indigenous Peoples & Cult of N. Amer.  JMB  JMB  JMB Fulfills area requirement
333Climate Change & Cultural ResponseBR  BR   BR  Fulfills theory requirement
350Pacific Island Cultures AG AG AGAG  AGFulfills area requirement
360Primate Behavioral Ecology      CB   Fulfills theory requirement
368Households in Cross-Cultural Perspec           
370Ethnographic Field Techniques  JBr   JBr   Fulfills method requirement
375Race and Human Variation  CB  CB    Fulfills theory requirement
379Archaeology PracticumSQSQBRBR      Fulfills method or theory requirement
380Archaeological Lab Techniques BR PK     BRFulfills method requirement
382How Archaeology Works  SQ   SQ   Fulfills method or theory requirement
385BUndergrad. Seminar: Archaeology  JMB  JMB    Fulfills variable requirements
385GUndergrad. Seminar: Biological          Fulfills variable requirements
410Ethics in Anthropology      MS MS Fulfills method or theory requirement
415Ecological AnthropologyJP  JPJP  JP  Fulfills theory requirement
417Political Anthropology  AG    AG  Fulfills theory requirement
418Anthropology of Sexualities          Fulfills theory requirement
419Indigenous Anthropology    TT   TT Fulfills method or theory requirement
423Social and Cultural Change          Fulfills area or theory requirement
424Human Biography of the Pacific    PK   PK Fulfills area requirement
426Anthropology of Sexualities    ES   ES Fulfills theory requirement
427Food, Health, and Society       ES ESFulfills method or theory requirement
428Anthropology of the Body   ES      Fulfills theory requirement
429Anthropology of Consumer CulturesCY         Fulfills area requirement
440Agriculture and Identity          Fulfills theory requirement
442Globalization & Identity in Himalayas     JBr  JBr Fulfills area requirement
444Spiritual Ecology          Fulfills theory requirement
446Southeast Asian Cultures  JP MS   JP Fulfills area requirement
447Polynesian Cultures SQ   SQPK  SQFulfills area requirement
449Melanesian Cultures          Fulfills area requirement
458Forensic AnthropologyCB       CB Fulfills method requirement
459Extinctions         CBFulfills theory requirement
460Asian Paleoanthropology  CB     CB Odd fall; fulfills area requirement
461Southeast Asian Archaeology  MS   MS   Every fall; fulfills area requirement
462East Asian Archaeology  CP BR CP BR Every fall; fulfills area requirement
463Anth of Global Health & Development JBr   JBr   JBrFulfills theory requirement
464Hawaiian ArchaeologyPK PK PK PK PK Every spring; fulfills area requirement
465Anthropology of Reproduction JBr JBr   JBr  Fulfills theory requirement
466Quantitative Archaeology  CP   CP   Fulfills method requirement
467Biomedicine and Culture    ES   ES Even spring; fulfills method or theory req.
471Field Mapping Lec Geog Lec Geog LecFulfills method requirement
473Lithic Artifact Assemblage AnalysisCP    CP   CPFulfills method requirement
474*Geoarchaeology          Fulfills method requirement
475Faunal Analysis in Archaeology         PKFulfills method requirement
477Spatial Analysis in Archaeology    CP   CP Fulfills method requirement
478New World Rituals and Ideologies          Fulfills theory requirement
481Applied Anthropology   CY   CY TTFulfills method requirement
482Anthropology & the Environment JP   JP   JPFulfills theory requirement
483Japanese Culture and BehaviorLec CY   CY   Fulfills area requirement
484Japanese Popular Culture CY CY CY CY  Every spring; fulfills area requirement
485Pre-European Hawai`i  TT   TT   Fulfills area requirement
486Peoples of Hawai`i   TT      Fulfills area requirement
490History of AnthropologyAG AGESAG AGESAGESFulfills theory requirement
601EthnologyAG   AG   AG Every other fall; fulfills theory requirement
602Linguistic Anthropology          Every other fall; fulfills theory requirement
603Archaeology CP   CP   CPEvery other spring; fulfills theory requirement
604Biological Anthropology   CB   CB  Every other spring; fulfills theory requirement
605Discursive Practices          Fulfills method or theory requirement
610Cultural Geographies of Tourism Lec   CY    Fulfills theory requirement
611Contemporary Anthropological Theory  ES   JP   Fulfills theory requirement
620HThry in Social & Cult Anth: Ecology   JP   JP  Fulfills variable requirements
623Advanced Pacific Island ArchaeologySQPKBR SQPK PKSQ Fulfills area requirement
640BMeth/Thry in Archaeology: AnalyticalSQ         Fulfills variable requirements
645Historic Preservation Anth AmSt Anth AmSt AnthFulfills method or area requirement
659Forensic Anthropology         CBFulfills method requirement
660Paleoanthropology of Asia  CB     CB Fulfills theory or area requirement
661Archaeological Perspectives in SE Asia  MS   MS   Fulfills area or theory requirement
663Anth of Global Hlth & Development JBr   JBr   JBrFulfills theory requirement
664**464 graduate equivalent          Fulfills area requirement
666Archaeological Data Analysis  CP   CP   Fulfills method requirement
667Biomedicine and Culture    ES   ES Even spring; fulfills method or theory req.
668Archaeology Field Methods          Fulfills method requirement
670Applied Archaeology PracticumJMBJMB        Fulfills method requirement
677**477 graduate equivalent    CP   CP Fulfills method requirement
681Applied Cultural Anthropology   CY   CY TTFulfills method requirement
682Applied Cultural Anthropology Practicum TT        Fulfills method requirement
695Prof'nl Skills Development in AnthMS   MS   MS Fulfills variable requirements
710Seminar in Research Methods  JBr CY JBr   Every fall; fulfills method requirement
711Sem in Res Design & Proposal Writing JP JMB JP   JPEvery spring; fulfills method requirement
720Anthropology of Japan    CY     Fulfills area requirement
750DResearch Seminar:  Ethnography     TT    Fulfills variable requirements
750GResearch Seminar:  Biological          Fulfills variable requirements
**Contact & Colonism    JMB      
**Household Archaeology    CP   CP Fulfills method or theory requirement
**(482 graduate equivalent)          Fulfills theory requirement
**(415 graduate equivalent)   JPJP  JP  Fulfills theory requirement