ANTH Courses: Area, Method, or Theory

Courses may be listed under two or more headings, but can only be used to fulfill a single Theory, Area, or Method distribution requirement. Students must choose which requirement they wish such courses to satisfy. They may also petition to have one course from another department count as Area or Method. 

Area (A)Method (M)Theory (T)
ANTH 323: Pacific Islands ArchaeologyANTH 220: Quantitative Reasoning for AnthropologistsANTH 300: Study of Contemporary Problems
ANTH 332  Anthropology of SurfingANTH 301: Culture and HealthANTH 301: Culture and Health
ANTH 350: Pacific Island CulturesANTH 313: Visual AnthropologyANTH 310: Human Origins
ANTH 372 (Alpha): Indigenous Peoples of Latin AmericaANTH 327: EthnohistoryANTH 315: Sex and Gender
ANTH 385 (Alpha): Undergraduate SeminarANTH 370: Ethnographic Field TechniquesANTH 316: Anthropology of Tourism
ANTH 423: Social and Cultural ChangeANTH 379: Archaeology PracticumANTH 325: Origins of Cities
ANTH 442: Globalization and Identity in the HimalayasANTH 380: Archaeological Lab TechniquesANTH 326: American Folklore and Folklife
ANTH 446: Southeast Asian CulturesANTH 381: Archaeological Field TechniquesANTH 327: Ethnohistory
ANTH 447: Polynesian CulturesANTH 382: How Archaeology WorksANTH 328: Food Origins, Food Culture
ANTH 449: Anthropology of MelanesiaANTH 384/384L: Skeletal Biology/LaboratoryANTH 333: Climate Change and Cultural Response: Past, Present, and Future
ANTH 460: Asian PaleoanthropologyANTH 385 (Alpha): Undergraduate SeminarANTH 341: Anthropology of Virtual Worlds
ANTH 461: Southeast Asian ArchaeologyANTH 410: Ethics in AnthropologyANTH 345: Aggression, War, and Peace
ANTH 462: East Asian ArchaeologyANTH 419: Indigenous AnthropologyANTH 375: Race and Human Variation
ANTH 464: Hawaiian ArchaeologyANTH 427: Food, Health, and SocietyANTH 379: Archaeology Practicum
ANTH 478: New World Rituals and IdeologiesANTH 445: Sacred PlacesANTH 382: How Archaeology Works
ANTH 483: Japanese Culture and BehaviorANTH 458: Forensic AnthropologyANTH 385 (Alpha): Undergraduate Seminar
ANTH 484: Japanese Popular CultureANTH 466: Quantitative ArchaeologyANTH 410: Ethics in Anthropology
ANTH 485: Pre-European Hawai‘iANTH 467: Biomedicine and CultureANTH 411: Museum Anthropology
ANTH 486: Peoples of Hawai‘iANTH 471  Field MappingANTH 412: Evolutionary Anthropology
ANTH 487: Anthropology of Okinawa and Its DiasporaANTH 472: Ceramic Analysis in ArchaeologyANTH 413: Language and Gender
ANTH 488: Chinese Culture: EthnographyANTH 473: Lithic Artifact Assemblage AnalysisANTH 414: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 491: Special Topics in Southeast Asian Art HistoryANTH 475: Faunal Analysis in ArchaeologyANTH 415: Ecological Anthropology
ANTH 620 (Alpha): Theory in Social and Cultural AnthropologyANTH 477: Spatial Analysis in ArchaeologyANTH 416: Economic Anthropology
ANTH 623: Advanced Pacific Islands ArchaeologyANTH 481: Applied AnthropologyANTH 417: Political Anthropology
ANTH 640 (Alpha): Methods and Theory in ArchaeologyANTH 482: Anthropology and the Environment: Culture, Power, and PoliticsANTH 419: Indigenous Anthropology
ANTH 645: Historic PreservationANTH 493: Oral History: Theory and PracticeANTH 420: Communication and Culture
ANTH 660: Paleoanthropology of AsiaANTH 605: Discursive PracticesANTH 422: Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 661: Archaeological Perspectives on Southeast AsiaANTH 606: Anthropology of Infectious DiseaseANTH 423: Social and Cultural Change
ANTH 695: Professional Skills Develop in AnthropologyANTH 607: The Media and Discursive PracticeANTH 426: The Anthropology of Sexuality
ANTH 720: Anthropology of JapanANTH 620 (Alpha): Theory in Social and Cultural AnthropologyANTH 427: Food, Health, and Society
ANTH 750 (Alpha): Research SeminarANTH 640 (Alpha): Methods and Theory in ArchaeologyANTH 428: Anthropology of the Body
 ANTH 645: Historic PreservationANTH 429: Anthropology of Consumer Cultures
 ANTH 666: Archaeological Data AnalysisANTH 431: Indigenous Crops/Food Systems
 ANTH 667: Biomedicine and CultureANTH 440: The Agriculture of Identity: Food and Farming in Anthropological Perspective
 ANTH 668: Archaeology Field MethodsANTH 443: Anthropology of Buddhism
 ANTH 670: Applied Archaeology PracticumANTH 444: Spiritual Ecology
 ANTH 671: Applied Method and Theory in Hawaiian ArchaeologyANTH 445: Sacred Places
 ANTH 681: Applied Cultural AnthropologyANTH 459: Extinctions
 ANTH 682: Applied Cultural Anthropology PracticumANTH 463: Anthropology of Global Health and Development
 ANTH 695: Professional Skills Develop in AnthropologyANTH 465: Science, Sex, and Reproduction
 ANTH 710: Seminar in Research Methods in Cultural AnthropologyANTH 467: Biomedicine and Culture
 ANTH 711: Seminar in Research Design and Proposal WritingANTH 478: New World Rituals and Ideologies
 ANTH 750 (Alpha): Research SeminarANTH 482: Anthropology and the Environment: Culture, Power, and Politics
  ANTH 490: History of Anthropology
  ANTH 605: Discursive Practices
  ANTH 606: Anthropology of Infectious Disease
  ANTH 607: The Media and Discursive Practice
  ANTH 608: History and Memory
  ANTH 610: Cultural Geographies of Tourism
  ANTH 611: Contemporary Anthropological Theory
  ANTH 620 (Alpha): Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology
  ANTH 623: Advanced Pacific Islands Archaeology
  ANTH 640 (Alpha): Methods and Theory in Archaeology
  ANTH 659  Advances in Extinction
  ANTH 661: Archaeological Perspectives on Southeast Asia
  ANTH 663: Anthropology of Global Aid
  ANTH 667: Biomedicine and Culture
  ANTH 671: Applied Method and Theory in Hawaiian Archaeology
  ANTH 695: Professional Skills Develop in Anthropology
  ANTH 750 (Alpha): Research Seminar